Property in Jaipur is high on returns

Jaipur, renowned as Pink City, is the capital of Rajasthan and is been one of the fast paced developing city of India. This city was not much into good employment opportunities, but because of its easy connectivity with capital of India, various IT companies have shown their interest in this city and this has changed the way people used to look towards this city. There were companies like Infosys and Genpact which were operational from a long time, but with the introduction of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in this city, many more companies like Wipro, Tech Mahindra and other IT giants have established their offices.

Being one of the planned cities of India, this place gradually made its statement and proved to be worth investing in. Today, some of the residential areas of this city can cost you as much as buying a property in some metro city and this has all happened majorly because of IT companies. This city also has various industrial areas, which marks this city’s importance on the map of this country when it comes to providing economic growth. Thus, this could be your best chance to invest in some property in Jaipur as this place is known to turn fortunes in your favour.

Ajmer road is developing at quick pace

One of the growing regions of this city is the area near Ajmer road which has taken pace after the completion of Delhi-Ajmer Expressway, which is going through this city providing it a well connectivity from both the cities. With this enormous growth, various realtors realized the worth of area near this expressway and today there are numerous township projects which are on-going started by many big real estate groups. These townships are been built with the intention in mind to provide each and every amenity in the same place so that people do not have to go miles away in need of something.

This has also provided huge opportunity to people living in areas near this expressway. Since SEZ is built on this highway, people are looking for residences as close as possible to their offices so that they can commute easily and with this, they are looking for rent house in Jaipur. So, if you are among those employees who are working in some of the company of SEZ and are looking for some rented place, then you can definitely get a place to live and that too near your office, saving you a lot on time and money.

All projects are for a purpose

It is not that only residential projects are on boom, if we talk about the commercial projects, then there are number of projects which are concerned just with the introduction of new offices in this city. So you can definitely invest your money in these commercial developments as well since every project been started here is with a purpose and the day when intended purpose is fulfilled, you are sure to get the best return possible. You can even plan of building up a PG in Jaipur, near some college or school or even offices, to provide living and food facilities to people coming from out station. See photos of our latest projects here.